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Techno Sync Solutions offers best in class logistics automation solutions with state of the art equipment and unmatched support. Techno Sync is the distributor of Bowe Systec in Pakistan, one of the leading technology integrators in the world for logistics automation. Bowe Systec has the capability to provide a one-stop solution for its clients.

Bowe Systec is headquartered in Augsburg Germany, with manufacturing facilities in Germany, UK and Netherlands. Bowe Systec is a global leader in research and development and is known for bringing new technology in the industry with a high level of market research by identifying the gaps in the mail logistics industry. Bowe Systec, over the past few years has been following the strategy of consolidating itself in the industry by acquiring latest technologies in order to become the leader in the industry. Bowe Systec acquired Optimus sorters and Redledge, leaders in parcel sorting and warehousing solutions respectively.

, Logistics Automation Solution

Bowe Systec products in Pakistan:

Letter Sorting

, Logistics Automation Solution

Simex Letter-Product Developed in collaboration with Siemens

  • Fast, Flexible, Professional
  • Market-Leading OCR Technology
  • Speed: 47,000 envelopes per hour
  • Upto 192 sort bins
  • Envelope sizes from C6 to C4

, Logistics Automation Solution

Simex Flexi

  • Product developed in Augsburg
  • Speed upto 30,000 envelopes per hour
  • Sorting bins from 8 up till 192
  • OCR Reading
  • Maximum Envelope thickness of upto 20mm

Parcel Sorting

, Logistics Automation Solution

Opti Sorter horizontal

  • Best in class parcel sorting with weights upto 31.5 KG
  • Speed upto 18,000 items per hour
  • BCR + OCR Reading
  • Flexible modular design
  • Wide variety of items can be sorted
  • Tray Size: 150 mm x 200 mm to 700mm x 900 mm

, Logistics Automation Solution

Opti Sorter vertical

  • Vertical design: takes much less space
  • Speed upto 18,000 items per hour
  • BCR + OCR Reading
  • Flexible modular design
  • Wide variety of items can be sorted
  • Tray Size: 150 mm x 200 mm to 700mm x 900 mm

Benefits of Automated Sorting

, Logistics Automation Solution

Opti Sorter vertical

  • Accurate Results
  • Traceability or Data Tracking
  • Improved Operations and Efficiency
  • Save Money

Techno Sync Solutions also offers locally developed logistics automation solutions in Pakistan. Through extensive R & D and technical expertise, Techno Sync has developed solutions to ease out the pain points of logistics companies in Pakistan:

Automatic weighing recording scales

, Logistics Automation Solution
Specialised weighing scales to be connected directly to the system with a USB port and reading the weight automatically after placing the product on the scale.
“Techno Sync provides state of the art DWS solution which enables you to weigh the shipment, measure its dimensions and scan the barcode at the same time. The solution is available in both static and dynamic mode.”

Warehousing Managment

Techno Sync provides the best in class warehousing solution from Red Ledge. RedLedge is a real-time system which is configurable to suit all types of warehouse including E-Commerce, 3PL and Manufacturing. It provides the vital control and accuracy that is lacking in any manual operation. The use of bar-coding, voice or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology allows for seamless 100% real-time tracking of individual items from goods in, quality control, put away, location transfer, production and final shipment.


The Red Ledge modular architecture ensures customers are not limited to any one type of technology.

  • Rugged Handheld, especially for the logistics industry with IP67 rating
  • RFID
  • Voice


The Red Ledge WMS includes fully tailorable and pro-active management and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting that will identify issues before they cause problems. Issues are automatically reported to the management team via email and/ or SMS.


The Red Ledge WMS is designed to be easily integrated with most SOP, CRM, ERP and legacy systems. In addition, it can be fully integrated into industrial automation systems (e.g. storage, cutting, conveying, sorting, packing, etc.).

Cost Effective

Significant gains in stock visibility, operational efficiency and accuracy are always achieved once a Red Ledge WMS is implemented.


In an environment where lower distribution costs and improved return on your supply chain investment are critical, you needa system that gives you total confidence. Red Ledge WMSis designed to truly deliver on these very important issues by ensuring that every event is captured, whilst significantly optimizing the efficiency of the warehouse.

Android Rugged Handheld Device from Sunmi


, Logistics Automation Solution

  • Rugged Handheld, especially for the logistics industry with IP67 rating
  • Android 7.1 SUNMI OS
  • Builtin Barcode Scanner
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • NFC