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Techno Sync is the distributor of Unicum Vending Machines from UVENCO in Pakistan, which is a supplier of vending machines based out of Moscow, Russia. UVENCO is one of the largest Vending machines manufacturers in the world today and provides high qualityvending machines at a very attractive price. UVENCO also has an extensive product range with machines for snacks, combinations, coffee and also non-food machines. UVENCO also develops online telemetry systems for vending machines (UONLINE), special applications forsmartphones for cashless vending (24 U VEND).

, Vending Machine

Today, the company has more than 5,000 employees. With two production sites and technology centers in St. Petersburg, as well as business activities in UK, Switzerland,Germany, France, Russia.

On the one hand, UVENCO stands for the development,manufacturing and distribution of innovative vending equipment, such as free-standing coffee machines, snack and cold drinks vending machines, table-top coffee machines for HoReCa and OCS.


Techno Sync offers a complete range of vending machines in Pakistan which include the following:

  • Unicum Foodbox Long/Foodbox (Snacks + Beverages).
  • Unicum Nero Instant/Espresso (Bean).
  • Unicum Nova Bar/Nova Bar Long (Snack + Cold Beverages+ Coffee).
  • Unicum Nova (Hot freestanding coffee machine with automatic cup dispenser).
  • Unicum StoreBox (Nonfood vending Machine).
  • Any type of customized vending machine.

  • Sanitary Pads
  • Tobacco
  • Napkins
  • Tools
  • Contact Lenses

Uonline Telemetry System


Techno Sync also offers state-of-the-art telemetry software from Uni cum with comes FREE with all the Uni cum vending machines. The software enables the vending operators to have real time updates of the current inventory in the machine, sales on daily/weekly/monthly/hourly/yearly basis, technical issues in the machine, current cash in the machine (coin+bills), product expiry, filling data and also gives e-mail alerts for any unforeseen event like vandalism and theft. Uonline telemetry system enables the operator to have transparency in the business through monitoring of inventory and cash which ensures the ennoblement of minimal leakages in the business.

Uonline telemetry system is easily configurable and uses a local Pakistani sim which also decreases the cost of the operator on data costs as there is complete control over the usage of the sim, unlike other telemetry solutions where the sim comes reinstalled in the telemetry modem and costs much more than the Uni cum Uonline which comes FREE with every Uni cum machine.


Cashless 24U Vend Mobile App


UNICUM have developed a special application – 24U Vend -allowing for an alternate payment method to cash, this also benefits the customer with the opportunity for exclusive discounts and rewards upon their next purchase. Simplifying the process of vending, this innovative app helps the customer to save time, money and the frustration caused by the limitations of traditional machines. 24U Vend allows a user to simply register a new account and securely specify payment details for vending. Post-registration, the user can start the vending process by scanning the QR code on a supported machine. Once identified, the app displays the exact contents of the scanned vending machine on your mobile screen.
This visualization allows to easily select the desired snacks and drinks available. Unlike most manual alternatives, with 24U Vend the user can select up to 5 items in a single transaction. The app will clearly display them in the basket and calculate the final cost prior to vending and payment.

How does it work:


  • Customer loads free 24U Vend app on its smartphone or tablet(available in iOS & Android).Then, on secure website, creates his account, and indicates his payment information.
  • Account records validated, customer can start to order via 24U Vend.
  • With device camera, he scans the QR code on chosen vending machine.
  • After being identified, the vending machine planogram (assortment structure) is displayed on his smartphone/tablet screen.
  • Customer has now only to choose product(s) on its screen to place order and valid it.
  • Customer account is automatically debit and chosen products are now delivered.
  • You customer received transaction confirmation email.

Vending ERP System (VMS)


Techno Sync offers the best in class Vending Management System developed by Unicum for
its own operations in Russia. VMS is a complete ERP system for any vending business which
enables the complete overview of the business including costing, inventory management,warehousing, logistics and machine management. The VMS enables the vending operator to efficiently plan its machine fulfillment hence ensuring minimal sale loss or shortages of stock in the machine by making the fulfillment process less time consuming.

The major components of the VMS include:


  • Inventory management.
  • Route management-planning.
  • Cash Management.
  • Planogram management.
  • Costing.
  • Purchase.
  • Customer Services.
  • Maintenance Audit.
  • Machine Fulfillment.
  • Sales.


With the VMS, the customer is able to reap the following benefits:


  • Saves time.
  • Control over cash with minimal leakages.
  • Organized logistics of the fulfillment.
  • Better control over inventory.
  • Better sales and higher profitability.